Fines of more than 1 MILLION for prohibiting access to beaches!

In order to guarantee free access and transit on Mexico’s beaches, the Senate of the Republic approved the reforms to the General Law of National Assets; no one may restrict, inhibit, hinder or condition access to the beaches.

The sanctions range from 260,640 pesos to 1,042,560 pesos for those who prevent access to beaches and the use of the federal maritime land zone. It is also established that concessions, authorizations, or permits will be revoked for those who impede free movement.

The project received 107 votes in favor and was sent to the Federal Executive for enactment.

Senator Mayuli Martínez Simón assured that national beaches are the heritage of all Mexicans, the president of the Governance Commission, Mónica Fernández Balboa, stressed that the beaches are constitutionally and legally public, so there must be public access to ensure everyone, nationals, and foreigners, can enjoy them.

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