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We share weekly information
5 April, 2024

Working Online in Mexico – Are There Tax Obligations?

When is a digital nomad obligated to pay income tax in Mexico?  
8 February, 2024

Step by Step: How to Obtain your RFC as a Foreigner in Mexico

The Federal Taxpayer Registry is indispensable for your procedures!
6 October, 2023

Presale Real Estate in Mexico | What You Need to Know

When it comes to investing in real estate, Mexico offers an enticing opportunity for foreigners seeking a piece of paradise. The country’s stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, […]
24 September, 2021

Granting Power of Attorney in Mexico

Granting authorization to another to represent you if for some reason you can not be in Mexico
26 August, 2021

Closing Expenses on Mexican Real Estate

Ready to close on a real estate purchase in Mexico?
19 July, 2021

Supreme Court Legalize Recreational Cannabis Use

Mexico’s Supreme Court stepped in to abolish laws that criminalize the recreational use of cannabis
2 June, 2021

Digital Violence and The Olimpia Law

The Olimpia Law regarding digital and media violence will enter into force on June 2, 2021.
27 May, 2021

The Benefits of Choosing a Small Law Firm

 Here are the top 5 benefits.
22 May, 2021

The FMM- Overstaying Your Visitor Permit in Mexico?

What should I do?
9 April, 2021

Quick Facts About the Fideicomiso in Mexico

Important information that you need to know
14 March, 2021

What does jurisprudence mean in México?

In Mexico, jurisprudencia is the array of principles, arguments, and criteria that judges are bound to use to interpret the law. It is considered as one […]
14 March, 2021

⚠️ Personal Injury : Holiday Accidents

What to do after?
11 March, 2021

Foreign Ownership of a Mexican Corporation

Are you a foreign entrepreneur dreaming of living in paradise?
22 February, 2021

5 Common Q&As About Personal Injury in Mexico

You need to know it!
5 February, 2021

What is a Temporary Importation Permit (TIP)?

A Temporary Importation Permit (TIP) is a foreign plated vehicle’s legal document allowing it to circulate in Mexico for a predetermined amount of time.
27 January, 2021

Bribes in Mexico

 Common But Illegal
19 January, 2021

Investing in Mexico

Consult a Mexican Lawyer
30 November, 2020

Types of Judicial Resolution

Know the types of resolutions that a Judge or Magistrate can issue in a process
27 November, 2020

Important Information INM

The National Institute of Migration (INM)
20 November, 2020


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