The Benefits of Choosing a Small Law Firm

 Here are the top 5 benefits.

If you need legal assistance, it is a mistake to assume that a large law firm in a fancy high rise is your best choice; there are many reasons to choose a small family-owned and operated law firm; here are the top 5 benefits.

  • Your case may not get the priority it deserves at a large firm since your case is just one in a few hundred. Smaller firms select clients carefully to ensure they are not overloaded and give 100% to each client.

  • Too many cooks in the kitchen; there is a greater chance of errors and miscommunication in large companies; as your file passes through different lawyers and paralegals, you may never know who is handling your case. With a small firm, you can rest assured your lawyer is personally responsible for your case.

  • Personalized attention and open communication, in a small firm, they make time to speak with you directly. They know your name and your face and are familiar with every detail of your case without wasting time catching up on your file.

  • Since the lawyers are owner-operators, they are motivated to win; they are invested in the outcome, in their reputation and in building long-lasting relationships with their clients.

  • Making time for clients, smaller firms are more flexible with their hours and availability.

By choosing a small firm, you choose personalized sound legal advice, transparency, and guidance every step of the way. We are a family-owned and operated law firm, if you need legal advice, please contact us

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