The FMM- Overstaying Your Visitor Permit in Mexico?

What should I do?

The Forma Migratoria Múltiple - FMM is

a single entry visitor permit, typically valid for 180 days; you will receive the permit on the airplane and present the document to Instituto Nacional de Migración - INM. They will hand you the bottom portion; keep it safe as you will need to hand it in when you leave Mexico. If you lose your portion, you must report to the Instituto Nacional de Migración booth at the airport and pay a fine of approximately 600 pesos before you can fly.

Expired Forma Migratoria Múltiple - FMM

If you have an expired FMM, you must report to the INM booth at the airport to pay a fine; depending on your overstayed time.

Many foreigners live in Mexico on an FMM, overstaying or abusing the visitor's permit. Some believe Mexico's immigration laws do not apply to them, and they continue to reside in Mexico without obtaining residency. In the past, people could leave Mexico before the 180 days are up and come back into Mexico with a new FMM, but this method of living in Mexico may soon catch up to them.

Although there is no rule regarding the amount of time you need to stay out of Mexico before returning, be aware INM is tracking your visits and will question your activity. It has been commonplace for foreigners to make border runs, leave Mexico for a few days or cross into Belize, which usually includes a bribe and then re-enter Mexico with a new FMM. Still, many visitors find it more difficult as INM cracks down on foreigners living in Mexico without proper residency visas. INM will limit time on the FMM when violators re-enter Mexico and, in some cases, deny entry. Some foreigners have made a life here, have a home, pets and their belongings but can not get back into Mexico.

During Covid 19, some but not all Immigration offices were allowing extensions for FMMs about to expire; these extensions were intended for people who can not travel during Covid. There are only a few instances where an FMM can be renewed in Mexico.


At this time, the immigration office in Playa del Carmen offers temporary residence to a select number of foreigners who have allowed their FMM to expire. This fix is intended for those who can not return home and plan to live permanently in Mexico.

This offer allows you to apply for temporary residency without leaving the country. You must pay 13129 pesos upfront, there is no guarantee you will be accepted and no refunds if you are denied.

To apply, your FMM must be expired, you do not have a residence visa in process, and you must stay in Mexico until this temporary visa is complete. At this time, the financial requirements for a temporary visa have been waived.

Meanwhile, INM officers circulate with random checkpoints to verify immigration status, targeting those who have overstayed their visitor permit or are working without a permit. Violators are being fined, detained and deported.

It is vital to maintain legal status and carry your permit/visa or copy with you in case an INM officer stops you. If you are illegal in Mexico, this is the time to rectify your status.

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