What is a Temporary Importation Permit (TIP)?

A Temporary Importation Permit (TIP) is a foreign plated vehicle’s legal document allowing it to circulate in Mexico for a predetermined amount of time.

A Temporary Importation Permit for foreign vehicles coincides with your FMM or temporary residency and expires at the same time. If you are entering as a Residente Permanente, you cannot apply for a TIP. Once you become a permanent resident, you must return the car to the border or permanently import the vehicle.

Apply online before heading to the border through the Banjercito Website and avoid long waits at the border. You must return the vehicle to the border before the TIP expiration date. If you fail to return the vehicle and cancel the TIP, you will lose your deposit, the vehicle may be confiscated, and you will be fined.

Provided the Mexican border has a Banjercito office, you may exit at any border town; you are not obligated to return to the same border town you entered.

If you have been approved for temporary residency, you will arrive with a sticker in your passport and 30 days to report to immigration to complete your procedure. The immigration office will provide a NUT (Número Único de Trámite). Before the 30-day expiry date, you need to go to the Aduana office, present a copy of the NUT, a copy of your passport, and a completed form found on the Aduana website requesting an extension while your residency card is in process.

You will not receive a new TIP; it will be updated online, and it will match your visa's expiry date. Once you receive your residency card, this will be the evidence to prove that your car is legally in the country, and when your vehicle returns to its country of origin, your deposit will be returned.

Although the request for a TIP's extension is not mandatory, if you do not extend it, you will lose your deposit; note that your residency card will be the evidence to prove that your car is legally in Mexico.

If you do not receive your visa within 30 days, you will need to attend the Aduana office and submit a letter to verify you have applied for the residency card and it is in process; include a copy of the NUT receipt and passport. The Aduana office is located at the Cancun airport near Terminal 3. Search Google Maps for directions. You may park in Terminal 3 lot and walk around the corner.

Check the status of your TIP online

In case your TIP has expired, you must request a Safe Return in the Tax Administration System (SAT); this program facilitates the return of vehicles that have become illegal back to the United States or the Mexican border and is directed to foreign vehicle owners who can not prove their legal stay in the country. With the Safe Return program, owners of illegal vehicles will be able to return them voluntarily to their places of origin without fines or penal action being taken against them. The importer must submit a free document that complies with the law's requirements; this program grants three to five days only to return.

Important Reminder: You must purchase Mexican car insurance at the border or online before you arrive. Select an insurance policy that includes a bail bond.

In case you lost your TIP, there are 2 options to obtain the reprint and/or replacement of it. You could contact and request it to Mexican customs or Banjercito by phone or email, or you could go to your mailbox and search it to reprint a copy. When you made this process Banjercito should share it with you and send an electronic TIP to the mail provided to them.

If you are looking to make the TIP's extension in Mexico, contact Kanan Lawyers at info@kananlawyers.com. We can help you!


  1. Paul Baietto says:

    We drove our Canadian van to Tulum 4 years ago and canceled the TIP in Chetumal as the vehicle never leaves QRoo, and has been fully insured with Mexican insurance the entire time. We have been renewing our FMM’s when necessary until they offered this new regularization program and we now have RT cards for 4 years. I want to get my TIP to match this, but on the Banjercito site there isn’t a way to enter the info for my situation. My question…. How can I do this online as I’d prefer NOT going to Cancun Aduana?
    I appreciate any information you can offer.

    • Kanan Lawyers says:

      Hello Paul,
      In reply, remember that you will not receive a new TIP; it will be updated online, and it will match your visa’s expiry date. Once you receive your residency card, this will be the evidence to prove that your car is legally in the country.

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