Common But Illegal

If you have visited or lived in Mexico, you have likely heard about a "mordida", which translates to bite, in other words, a bribe; unfortunately, some police officers will try to collect a "fine" from unsuspecting drivers by claiming they committed a violation. Despite the relatively common practice of paying off a police officer in Mexico, paying a bribe is illegal. Not only can you be arrested for offering a bribe, but you are encouraging the corruption to continue. In recent cases, foreigners offering a bribe to honest police officers were arrested and taken to the prosecutor's office. Be warned not all officers are looking for a bribe.

If you are driving in Mexico, know your rights and never agree to pay a bribe, always remain respectful and calm, politely request the ticket and advise the officer you will pay it at the transit station. In no scenario is it legal for the police to collect fines outside the transit office. If you did not commit a violation, chances are the officer will let you go and say it was a warning; if you encounter further issues or feel threatened, explain that you are calling your lawyer.

If you are a tourist driving in Mexico, you may also want to keep a copy of Article 241 of the Transit Regulation of the State of Quintana Roo in your vehicle. The article states that tourists are entitled to two warnings regarding traffic violations provided they were not involved in an accident, criminal offense, or personal injury.

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